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4 works from John Maeda that explore the intersection of technology, art and design

What a great way to show how Design, Art and Technology are interrelated.

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John Maeda still remembers a parent-teacher conference from when he was a child. Maeda beamed with pride as his teacher told his father, “John is good at math and art.” However, the next day, when Maeda’s father recounted the conference to a customer at his store, all he remembered was, “John is good at math.”

Maeda, now the President of the Rhode Island School of Design, shares in this hilarious talk from TEDGlobal 2012 that one of the central questions of his life became: “Why did dad not say ‘art?’”

Maeda’s studies in math and computing took him to MIT, his father’s dream. But he eventually realized that he had to follow his own passions and enrolled in art school. It was there that he began to see common space between the areas of study.

“I began to think about the computer as a spiritual place of thinking. I…

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TED Talk Tuesday

Last week we as a class identified what we would like to do as a “warm up” activity each day. Tuesdays we watch TED talks that have to do with design, education and creativity. Below are the links to the two TED talks that we watched on 9/16/2014!

Leave below your thoughts and questions.

Quote it OUT!

IMG_0002 IMG_0011 IMG_0012 IMG_0006 IMG_0009

Using the letter cut out design students used a quote that was meaningful to them, and created it in the “Ransom Note” style. This was a popular trend within Graphic Design, and can still be seen.

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